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Feral Fury
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Welcome to Feral Fury!

Norrath shifts as the violent energies of the Ethernere leak through the chasm left in the wake of Lady Lendinaria's unexpected arrival from the Norrath-that-never-was.  Zebuxoruk, insane as ever, babbles about the end times, and the unease of colliding timelines sets the world on edge.  Once again, her heroes arrive to save their beloved world, but this time, they can only pray to their various gods they will be quick enough.

The far-reaching impacts of the foolish decisions made by the Alaran gods still shake the foundations of Norrath and her societies.  Only time will salve the wounds caused, but time is draining away...

Will you join the battle and forge Norrath anew in the wake of her struggles?  As the Age of Turmoil comes to an end, will you lend your arms to Feral Fury as we pilot our world into the next?

Feral Fury to have a Presence in EverQuest Next Landmark!

docbone1115, Nov 26, 13 11:38 AM.
Hello, Fury Members!

Antibane here, your Feared Leader.  I have purchased a Founder's Pack for EverQuest Next Landmark, so Feral Fury will have a guild presence in that game.  If you haven't had a chance to check out the promotional media for Landmark, I encourage you to do so!  You don't have to buy a Founder's Pack for access (the game will be free to play, and open beta will start some time after the closed Founder's beta), but if you choose to, we'll set up the guild in-game early and start planning where/what we want to create.  All in the name of Cazic-Thule, of course!

Don't worry, we're not leaving EverQuest.  EverQuest Next Landmark is a sandbox, open world construction and creativity game.  How could we give up the adventure of saving Norrath (the unluckiest planet in all of creation) from peril after peril, just to build some houses?!  Seriously, though, EQNL will be awesome, and I hope to see many of you joining me there, but EQ will remain my (and I hope at least some of your) primary game.

Leave a comment here if you do buy a Founder's Pack with your forum name there, so I can follow you.  I'm Antibane on the forums, so it should be easy enough to find me.  Until next we meet, Fear is Everything.

In Fearsome Regards,

Blight Lord Antibane Faeendae, Favored of the Gods
Froglok Necromancer of Cazic-Thule
Guild Leader of Feral Fury
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